Privacy Policy



1. Introduction

At AU COQ[1], respecting and protecting the customers’ personal information (“PI”) is a priority. AU COQ therefore intends to take commercially reasonable means to collect, retain, use and communicate its customers’ PI in a responsible manner, in accordance with the legislation applicable in Québec.

Personal information is information which relates to a natural person and allows that person to be identified.


2. Purpose

As part of the operation and management of its website, AU COQ, in collaboration with its partner ISHOP FOOD (“ISHOP”)[2], operates an online ordering service. To do so, AU COQ must collect, retain, use and communicate the customers’ PI to adequately process their orders using this service. AU COQ thus must create a file for each user via the “Customer Profile” (the “Profile”).

To place an order online, the customer must first provide the information necessary to create his/her Profile, and later on update the information, as needed.


3. Collection of Personal Information

AU COQ collects only the PI necessary or required to process its customers’ online orders appropriately.

To create the Profile, AU COQ thus will need the following personal information: 

  1. The customer’s last and first name;
  2. The customer’s email address;
  3. The customer’s delivery address, including his/her postal code;
  4. The phone number linked to the customer’s delivery address;
  5. The customer’s cell phone number (optional).

The customer also will have to create, maintain and change, as needed: (a) a user ID; and (b) a password to access his/her Profile and place an order.

The customer understands and acknowledges that by creating his/her Profile and using the AU COQ online ordering service, he/she automatically accepts, without restriction, the terms and conditions of this “Privacy Policy” and those of the “Terms of Use of the AU COQ website” (which the customer may also find on that site). 


4. Use of Personal Information

AU COQ will use its customers’ PI only for the purposes for which the customer’s Profile was created, namely the processing of the customer’s online orders.


5. Communication of Personal Information

Only the persons required or necessary for the processing of the customers’ online orders will or may have access to the customer’s PI. Without necessarily being limited thereto, these persons are as follows: 

a) The employees of AU COQ and its subsidiaries;        

b) The employees of AU COQ’s delivery service; 

c) The employees and representatives of ISHOP, AU COQ’s partner in the operation and management of the AU COQ online ordering service. 

By placing an online order, the customer agrees that AU COQ may communicate the necessary PI to the appropriate persons for the adequate processing of the customer’s order.

The customer also agrees that AU COQ may transmit PI to the extent required or permitted by law, without the customer’s consent being necessary.


6. Security Measures and Retention of Personal Information

AU COQ declares and acknowledges it has taken appropriate security measures to ensure the protection of the personal information collected.

AU COQ and its partner ISHOP use some of the most recent information transmission technologies, including SSL technology.

The servers on which the users’ PI is stored are located in North America and highly secure. The measures taken by AU COQ and its partner ISHOP are commercially reasonable, given the nature of the transactions effected on the AU COQ website, to ensure the confidentiality of the user’s PI. 

No information related to debit or credit cards is stored on the servers used by AU COQ or in the customer’s file.

AU COQ retains the PI of the users of its online ordering services in accordance with the law.


7. Access to Personal Information 

At any time, the user may access the PI contained in his/her Profile by typing his/her user ID and password, either to consult or edit the Profile, or to close his/her account.

In the event the user decides to close his/her account, AU COQ shall ensure that this user’s PI can no longer be used by third parties and, whenever this is reasonably possible, be destroyed.

In case the user encounters difficulty with the management of his/her account or Profile, he/she may communicate, during normal business hours, with AU COQ Customer Service at 514-527-8833.


8. Miscellaneous

This AU COQ policy regarding the protection of the personal information of the users of its online ordering service could be amended from time to time. The user thus must read it again regularly.

The user acknowledges that AU COQ and its partner ISHOP use or may use cookies to facilitate and improve the use of its website and its transactional segment. These cookies do not collect or retain any PI. 

By using the AU COQ online ordering service, the user acknowledges he/she has studied the conditions of this policy and the terms of use of said website and is in agreement with them.

The user acknowledges he/she may contact us by calling AU COQ Customer Service at 514-527-8833.   




[1] AU COQ is a registered trademark, property of Gestion Au Coq Inc., used under licence. 

[2] ISHOP is an independent business that supplies AU COQ with specialized software for the management and operation of its online ordering service.