At Au Coq, receptionist/cashiers are important, because their smile, welcoming manner and desire to provide top-quality service make all the difference. Client satisfaction must be your priority.

The receptionist/cashier receive clients at the counter and answer the phone quickly and courteously, listening attentively to take orders correctly and help clients make appropriate choices.

This position also carries many cash-register responsibilities. You'll be trained to know the menu well, understand the entire order-taking process and payment methods, and master the various steps to balancing the cash. You will also be responsible for keeping your work area clean and presentable.

As receptionist/cashier, you'll develop many useful abilities: efficiency, concentration, dynamic listening and service orientation.

A receptionist/cashier that shows interest, versatility and initiative skills can have access to attractive advancement possibilities.

Requirements :

  • Have a high school diploma or equivalent experience in client services or with a cash register
  • Excellent spoken French
  • Be responsible, honest, courteous, pleasant and efficient
  • Be able to count

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